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Ingredients based on purely organic, herbal and natural pruducts.

About Advanced Ag Products

Advanced Ag Products is an innovative nutraceutical company specializing in feed supplements for the poultry, swine, and fish farming industries with offices in South Dakota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Mexico. Our natural and organic feed supplement product lines afford our clients a superior alternative to current synthetic programs. Advanced Ag Products is a company founded on over 15 years of experience, research, strategic partnerships, and the philosophy of always looking toward the future.

The founder of Advanced Ag Products, a life-long farmer with extensive experience in the poultry and swine industries, realized that although the industry would like to embrace natural alternatives to synthetic products, functionality and a return on investment were paramount. To this end a strategic partnership was formed with several prestigious U.S. and European Universities, as well as, a large laboratory to create By-O-reg+.

The product, with six patents and patents pending, was then tested extensively throughout the United States and Mexico. All trials were conducted in the field, in diverse and challenging environments. The results have proven By-O-reg+ effectiveness by delivering a substantial ROI to all users. The key to our success has been using science to improve upon nature.


In 1998 founder Kevin Van Beek began researching and using essential oils in feed supplements for the poultry and swine markets. Mr. Van Beek looked towards essential oils because of their antibacterial properties and the positive effects they had on the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Kevin was also concerned about drug resistance in feed animals. He focused on oregano oil after conducting comparative studies against other essential oils, as it proved to be the strongest and most effective.

Mr. Van Beek then formed a partnership with a laboratory that owned the worldwide patent on oregano oil. The oil used in By-O-reg+ contains precise ratios of carvacrol, thymol and p-cymene. These precise ratios provide a superior nutraceutical benefit to the animals. Mr. Van Beek then partnered with a microbiologist who developed a micro encapsulation for the essential oil, a technology that was subsequently patented.

Advanced Ag Products
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The Advanced Ag Products Team

Kevin Van Beek- Chairman

Based in Hudson, SD, Kevin is a lifelong cattle farmer who has been working with essential oils and oregano in particular for over 15 years. His search for a way to get the oregano oil further down the gastrointestinal track led to the patented, time release, encapsulation of the oil.

Chris Lester- Vice President Operations

A graduate of The United States Naval Academy, Chris is a retired Naval Aviator and major airline Captain. He has held numerous leadership positions in the US Navy, airlines, and in business. He presently spearheads Advanced Ag Products both domestically and internationally.

Tony Boyle - Business Development

With 20 years of government service, Tony transitioned to the biotech industry working internationally as a business development executive. He continues to open new markets for Advanced Ag Products forming partnerships and creating distributorships internationally. Tony holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University.

Steve Pugliese-Research and Development, Nutritional Support

Steve lives in the rolling agricultural pocket of Eastern Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience in manufacturing and research, providing innovative health products to the dairy, swine and poultry industries. His understanding of manufacturing and product development is a useful tool in the By-O-reg+ educational program.

Wade Jansen – Executive Director

After attending Southwest Minnesota State University for Business Administration, Wade gathered many years of experience in the sales and feed mill industry. He oversees the Midwest Region and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Advanced Ag Products.

Dr. Larry Ver Steeg, DVM – Senior Staff Veterinarian

Dr. Larry Ver Steeg joined the team in 2016 after specializing in swine production over the last 45 years. Upon graduation from Iowa State University in 1971’ with a DVM, Dr. Ver Steeg continued veterinary practice until he established his own swine consulting business. He has overseen and managed a variety of swine units for the past 4 decades.

Kevin Hill – Southeast Sales Manger

Contact Kevin at 727-641-2397 or