This weaning season

Stop respiratory issues before they start.

The Breathe-Rite Stress Tub is the only tub on the market specifically designed to boost respiratory health. 

Breathe-Rite Tub in action at River Creek Farms near Manhattan, Kansas.

Breathe-Rite Stress Tub Benefits

Supports Respiratory Function & Stress Reduction

Specially formulated with unique blends of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, designed to strengthen the respiratory system, helping your cattle breathe easy and thrive.

Reduces Inflammation and Loosens Mucus

Each Breathe-Rite Stress Tub contains natural expectorants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this formula specifically promotes optimal respiratory health in your cattle.

Aids in Suppressing the Coughing Reflex

Each tub contains natural antitussive ingredients known for their cough-suppressing properties. As coughing is suppressed, cattle will have improved comfort and reduced stress.


Respiratory health is an investment, not an expense.

A healthy respiratory system in cattle is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in the overall health, productivity, and well-being of these animals. 

By-O-reg+ products are low inclusion, user friendly, and university tested. They do not require a VFD to mitigate health and performance issues, plus supports young animals to get started right with a healthy microbiome. 


Proprietary CF20 Coating Technology

Every By-O-reg+ Lick Tub utilizes the proprietary CF20 Coating Technology which protects the bio-actives, and enables controlled release throughout the entire lower GI tract. The result is less waste and maximum ROI.

CF20 Coating Benefits Include:


For cattlemen. By cattlemen.

Advanced Ag Products is family-owned and operated by cattlemen who understand the specific nutrition, biology, and behavior of beef cattle. 

"Our goal is to be your partner of choice that provides consistent all-natural solutions for improving the health of your cowherd."
Kevin Van Beek

Lick Tub Solutions For Every Season

Advanced Ag Product’s By-O-reg+ Lick Tubs are perfectly calibrated to maximize your herd’s health during every season on your ranch. 


By-O-reg+ All-Around Mineral Tub

Proprietary blend designed to increase bull fertility and cow conception rates. Resulting in higher reproductive efficiency.


By-O-reg+ All Natural 20 Tub

Formulated for improved utilization of low/medium quality forages, resulting in more milk production in your cow herd.


By-O-reg+ Stress Tub
Designed to boost the performance of weaned calves - reduce treatments and increase live performance.

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