Natural and Organic Feed Supplement

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By-O-reg+ by
Advanced Ag Products

Ingredients based on purely organic, herbal and natural pruducts.
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By-O-reg+ Animal Feed Supplement for Poultry

Oregano oil in general and By-O-reg+ specifically, has shown the ability to destroy bacteria and promote a stronger immune system in poultry and swine. Its antiviral, antibacterial and immune stimulating properties make it highly effective for many pathogenic infections. Our unique and patented encapsulation process means the oregano oil gets to where its needed, and isn't prematurely absorbed prior to reaching the animal's gastro intestinal tract. This stronger immune system leads to healthier stock, and therefore better feed utilization and livability.

In a test conducted in 2011 in Pennsylvania involving 7,500,000 broilers from 61 poultry farms and feed mills showed a 1.22 improvement in livability. This equates to 91,500 additional broiles sold. The test also shows a .0125 greater feed efficiency. At 5.3 pounds of feed per broiler, this resulted in a savings of more than 248 tons of feed for the trial sample.

  • Improved Health and Immune System
  • Better Feed Conversion
  • Heavier Weights at Harvest
  • Shorter Time To Top Weight
  • Processing Plants Report Reduced Salmonella

  • Pullets Gain Weight rapidly and are ready for Egg Production up to 7 Days Earlier
  • Increased Egg Production
  • Better Shell Quality
  • Improved Health and Immune System
  • Less Spotting in Eggs
  • Reduced Feed Consumption