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By-O-reg+ by
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Ingredients based on purely organic, herbal and natural pruducts.

By-O-reg + Product

Animal feed supplements by Advanced Ag Products are based on purely organic, herbal and natural products. By-O-reg+ boosts the immune system with organic remedies which have substantial advantages over the application of chemicals.

By-O-reg+ products have no residual effects, no side effects and there is nothing left in the body. Numerous scientific studies identify oregano as having antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant properties, allowing for an enhanced immune system.

Patented technology used with the mixture of essential oils allows the release of these functional ingredients into the lower intestinal tract where they are more effective.

By-O-reg+ is a combination of unique, functional ingredients and technologies that aid in the health, growth, and production of poultry and swine.

Product Ingredients:

Our products include the following ingredients:

Oregano Oil: a well-established ingredient in organic and natural products used in commercial livestock production, with a myriad of benefits.

FOS (fructooligosaccharides): complex starch molecules that are not digestible by pathogenic organisms. They can be digested by lactobacilli and feed the desirable bacteria in the GI tract. Use of FOS will aid lactobacillus organisms as they compete with pathogens for food and space in the GI tract.

1-3 Beta Glucans: special sugars that are extracted from the inner cell wall of yeast. 1-3 Beta Glucans are strong stimulators of the animals’ natural immune system. Unlike other products that can be 10-20% active the 1-3 Beta Glucan used by By-O-reg+ is purified and concentrated. This is part of a Purdue University patent and technology the rights to which are shared with Mr. Van Beek.

Vitamin C: an antioxidant Vitamin that is a strong immune stimulant. Purdue University has used both the 1-3 Beta Glucan and vitamin C for a patent in stimulating immune function.

Controlled Release Nutrient: patented technology used in By-O-reg+ which allows release of these functional ingredients in the lower GI tract where they can be most effective.

All the ingredients are listed and registered in the AAFCO publication which is approved by the FDA.

Advanced Ag Products has rights to the world wide oregano oil patent. Years of scientific research have resulted in our obtaining oregano oil that is far superior to anything seen before on the market. Ingredients in By-O-reg+ meet GRAS guidelines established by the US FDA.

By-O-reg+ ingredients are completely natural and organic. Years of research in microbiology, nutrition and health have allowed us to develop and manufacture an innovative, natural feed supplement that improves animal performance,feed conversion, and the farmer's bottom line.

This type of natural remedy is preferable to the use of industry standard synthetics. Additionally, the use of antibiotics as growth promoters is becoming heavily regulated, and often banned.

By-O-reg+ has no residual effects, and has been demonstrated to leave no trace in the body of the animal. The product also has a very strong antibacterial effect.

By-O-reg+, based on a select oregano species, and it’s components has been found to stimulate appetite, and to contain antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-oxidant properties. University and field studies also demonstrated thatBy-O-reg+ has a positive effect on the immune system.

By-O-reg+ is a combination of unique, functional ingredients and technologies that aid in the health, growth, and production of poultry and swine.

Mode of Action

Oregano Oil

Essential oils are the secondary metabolites of plant materials obtained by distillation. Essential oils are oily liquids consisting of chemical components which can easily crystallize and have the characteristic smell and flavor of the obtained plant. Generally they are in liquid form, but named volatile oil because of their evaporative properties. These components contain properties that are antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-oxidative, and anti-viral.

Oregano oil is the most studied and used essential oil because of its strong antibacterial properties. The major active components of oregano oil are phenolic terpenoids such as carvacrol, thymol and p-cymene.

Why is our oregano product different?

The issue with Oregano and other essential oil products is the consistency of the products:

Many essential oil products are mixed on a carrier trying to obtain a 5% carvacrol (the active component in oregano) content. However, upon mixing the carvacrol (a phenolic compound) with a carrier such as limestone, it will either volatilize off, bind with other ingredients in the carrier, or oxidize. When the final product is then analyzed, there will only be a 1.5-2.5% carvacrol.

A second issue is standardization of the oregano mix. Oregano oils have anywhere from 2-97% carvacrol content. If you do not know what you are starting with you cannot make a consistent product.

A third thing to think about is a multi-essential oil product. Combine a phenolic compound (oregano, carvacrol) and Cassia (part of the cinnamon family, containing an aldehyde cinnamaldeyhde). This will give the product a more effective spectrum to control disease.

The last thing to think about is the ingredients possibly mixing with other components in the mixture and oxidizing. For example, minerals (specifically sulfate minerals) will cause the essential oil to oxidize quickly.

Feed Benefits:

By-O-reg+ is a combination of unique, functional ingredients and technologies that aid in the health, growth, and production of poultry and swine. The product's feed benefits include:

  • Promotes overall health and lower mortality.
  • Prevents and reduces the adverse effects of microbial diseases.
  • Improves performance and benefits.
  • Natural product.
  • Improved feed conversion

What are we doing with By-O-reg+ that is different?